Our construction is BASED ON VASTU SHASTRA the Indian prototype of Feng-Shui, that generates Positive Energy, thereby we can experience harmony and balance in home or business and create health, wealth and happiness.

Each and every work is carried out and supervised by our own workmen and supervisors, hence QUALITY is ensured. We use ISI branded premium materials for construction. Apart from the guarantee given by the companies we give one year AFTER SALE SERVICE GUARANTEE for materials and defect in workmanship.

Any Contractor or Sub Contractor expects 10% or more profit. We do not sub contract. All the works are being done by our own staff. Thus 10% ECONOMY is assured.

Whether it is a Flat or Villa, WASTE MANAGEMENT is a major problem area. In order to overcome this, we provide a Bio Gas plant and an Incinerator individually. This Bio Gas plant generates cooking gas, that may be used for two hours cooking, daily.

Another critical area is deficient drinking water supply. Here it is countered by 24 HOURS PURE WELL WATER SUPPLY.

Communal harmony and religious tolerance are prevailing in Olassa. In the recent past there is no reported case of violence. However, in order to live up to modern standards, 24 HOURS SECURITY is maintained in this Project.

An emergent situation may arise at any time. In order to tackle this a DRIVERS REST ROOM is provided.

All of us dream that our children live in a healthy atmosphere. Recreation is as important as academics. Foreseeing this a CHILDREN PLAY AREA is being created.

Olassa is blessed by scenic natural beauty. It is situated in a non polluted area. Besides, construction is being done using ECO-FRIENDLY building materials such as country made bricks, wood etc.

This Villa Project has EASY ACCESS to all Governmental, Educational, Religious and Health-Care institutions of the city. To mention a few, a Shopping Mall is just in front of the Villa, School is just 50 meters away, Hospital is at 250 meters distance, Post Office is 450 meters away, Bank and Market are at a distance of 800 meters, Church, Temple etc are at a distance of 250 meters and much more.

This Villa Project is situated by the side of a 12 meter wide PWD Road, that is a Bus Route, plying more than 25 Private and KSRTC buses. It is a `Bus Stop' and 'Taxi\Auto Stand' as well. Hence, CONVEYANCE is at our liberty.

Nowadays, a large number of people are having more than one car. Parking the second one is a problem usually faced. We design a Car Porch having adequate width, accommodating two cars (DOUBLE CAR PARKING).

In order to ensure life of the house, a DOUBLE ROOFING is provided over the first floor roof slab.

SAFETY comes first. In order to ensure safety of the occupants, no over-head cable is drawn. A Transformer, having adequate capacity, Panel Board and Underground Cables are provided to reassure safety.

MODULAR KITCHEN made in Mahagony or Teak Wood is another attraction.

We do all paper works for BANK LOANS subject to banks norms.